Introducing Logic Ecigarettes 


LOGIC provides a safe and enjoyable alternative to smoking tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes. LOGIC products look and taste like a traditional cigarette but there’s a big difference….. no burning ash, no smell, no tobacco, tar or second hand smoke! Plus there’s no littering or ash, no butts, no mess!


The Logic Premium electronic cigarette is a battery powered device that when inhaled provides doses of non nicotine vaporised solution.

Logic’s distinctive product range delivers on taste, freshness and quality;-

  • FRESH:  One of the freshest products on the market – LOGIC products contain airtight sealed juice cartridges which maintain freshness and flavour appeal.
  • DRAW:  A 2.5 second draw ensuring 400 thick water vapour puffs – a far superior draw than our competitors.
  • VAPOUR CLOUD:  LOGIC products have the thickest white odourless vapour cloud in the market.
  • PURE:  Free from 4,000+ chemicals present in traditional cigarettes.
  • BATTERY:  A 40-50% stronger battery than industry standards for a one-piece electronic cigarette.
  • STYLE:  Realistic looking atomized vapour.
  • COST EFFICIENT:  Save up to 70 per cent on the financial cost of smoking.
  • SOCIABLE:  As it’s not a traditional cigarette and there is no burning LOGIC can be enjoyed anywhere.

It is a fact that 4 out 5 smokers prefer LOGIC Disposable Electric Cigarettes over the other brands.

Isn’t it time you experienced the LOGIC difference?

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